We are NOT a faceless warehouse offering the same instruments in different colours or the same headstock names. We are Musicians with a passion for music here that hand select Guitars! We strive to offer premium equipment to you at significant discounts without the need to harm our planet. Buying from Musicians means we make a little bit of money and you get the quality, advice, backup and service your deserve whilst helping to save the planet.

I invite you to support us and think twice before purchasing a new instrument. Guitars are made of wood which means that a new instrument uses valuable resources and energy that our planet needs to survive. Did you know there are probably enough good quality Guitars in the world to meet current demand? Not only that...well cared for solid wood instruments get better with age as the woods develop and mature. There are some manufacturers now using sustainable woods but these still need energy to make when there are beautiful alternatives everywhere!


Guitars are not toys! Believe it or not we can sell you a Guitar at a toy price that does not have "Martin Smith" written on it for the similar money. Not only that our Guitar is actually a playable proper instrument! CLICK FOR MORE


Our Guitars & Equipment Below!

We always recommend you play a Guitar before purchase. You can do this at our office, play a selection of instruments and get our honest advice. However you can just purchase off the website and we can ship an instrument to you for a small fee and adjust the action to however you would like. Alternatively you can pick the item up or we will deliver free of charge within 30 Miles of GL12! (Observing current Covid guideline rules at all times). If you want us to ship only then just have in mind that we don't ship on a Friday as we don't like instruments being stored in warehouses over a weekend. We also need a bit of time to make any adjustments you require. If you are still unsure please give us a call, email or look at our reviews here.

PLEASE NOTE: We currently ship to the UK only. If you are further afield please get in touch before purchasing any of our stock and we will be glad to help you.

07425 391285

107 Parklands, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire GL12 7NR

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