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My Guitars Explained

Many Guitars are now made in Chinese factories that are supplied by global brands that dominate the Internet. Some of these are barely playable. Others are reasonable. Many are made from laminate woods; ALL of which damage our planet. There are MILLIONS of Guitars that already exist in our world that are far better instruments than many of these companies can supply us today.


Advances in technology also mean that we can fit our instruments with quality pickups that sound great if needed. In most cases pickups are included!


I do know a little bit about Guitars & Piano's given that I have played them professionally since being very young from age 7-8. (I am now 47!)


The acoustic Guitars I offer are sometimes used or as new but are hand inspected by me & well cared for. I'm not a salesman, I know the instrument, how it should play and I have a reputation. I only purchase Guitars that are "as new" or "immaculate" in terms of condition.


My instruments fit ALL budgets up to around £1000. (Beyond that I insist you come to my studio or shop to try it first).


If its your first Guitar I recommend you DO NOT buy it from a charity shop or "major" high street chain. Buy it from a specialist Guitar shop or me. If you need something I don't have, let me try to help find it for you. I can help you with amplification, strings, lessons, advice - pretty much anything you need beyond the actual Guitar!


All my Guitars are available to be delivered personally within a 30 mile radius of Bristol in the UK free of charge (above £300) or sent with sustainable packaging for a small fee anywhere the UK. I take a lot of pictures and time to show you these instruments including video's of how they play so you can be confident it is what you require. If you need I have Zoom, Face-Time and Skype which means I can walk you around the "actual Guitar" you are purchasing.


I professionally setup every Guitar which takes some time. However if you have a preference then this can also be adjusted if needed using our workshop. I am on hand to answer any questions you may have even if you don't know what the questions should be!


Lastly remember there are many brands that play well you may not see in the media. Do not be susceptible to brand loyalty. I have professionally played Guitars from many vendors. It's not the name that counts, its simply the Guitar and how it feels and plays. Think carefully on this point. The Wand chooses the Wizard!

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