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My Promise

Here are the rules of my promise to you:

1. Depending on the service offered sometimes you will pay towards my travel costs. Don't worry I travel cheap, my work is my passion, that is what matters. Flights are economy, travel by road and hotels is very reasonable. (Included for local services)

2. If you are not happy with my services during my time with you, then there are no charges whatsoever except my travel expenses.

3. This promise applies to ALL my services including arrangement, song-writing, mentoring and lessons.

Note: I will never be the cheapest option for any of my services. There is a reason for that. If you want to repeat the same thing over and over then give up, be part of a single lesson plan for the many then that is fine. My services are completely different and are tuned to you.
I take time to talk to and understand you as an individual, I have loan equipment, a studio, media, literature, examples and a professional background.

My goal is not to take your money for a "general" service. I am with you 100% if you are? If you step up, I do the same. If not I go at your pace and desires and that is absolutely fine.


Promise: Features
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