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Firstly if you love Guitars you are in the right place!

We are NOT a faceless warehouse offering the same instruments in different colours or the same headstock names and we are NOT sales people either!


I am a professional musician who has over 30 years experience and a life long passion for music with contacts in the industry. I hand select, test, check and play ALL Guitars BEFORE I sell them offering ONLY premium equipment to you at significant discounts without the need to harm our planet by purchasing new! My Guitars are always in perfect or near perfect condition. Buying from us ensures you get the quality, advice, backup and service you deserve. Unlike many other vendors you don't see a "stock image" of the Guitar, you see the actual instrument and the setup is included rather than offered as a so called "saving". We want you to be happy and enjoy your instrument. If you are not you get your money back simple as that.


If you are purchasing more than one item or would like a deal combining lessons and a Guitar purchase please get in touch!

Remember Guitars are made of wood from trees which means that a new instrument uses valuable resources and energy that our planet needs to survive. Did you know there are probably enough good quality Guitars in the world to meet current demand? Not only that...well cared for solid wood instruments get better with age as the woods develop and mature. Click here to learn more and enjoy the Guitars below...