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Guitars.....Resources...The Planet...

We are now reselling the best quality Guitars that have already been used. Quality solid wood instruments, fully checked and adjusted in pristine condition. Why?

Simply because it means that no more trees are being cut down to make a "new" Guitar. Why do this when you can get a beautiful instrument that has got better with age for a fraction of the price?

Why buy a lesser instrument which may be laminate or just a solid top when you can have a solid wood Guitar instead!

I know from my own Guitars that they get better with age. Furthermore, there are so many cheap China based guitars now that get sold in charity shops or larger very well known retail stores that are barely even instruments.

This is our goal to your benefit. When buying from me you don't need to worry about quality and we serve you with advice, information and backup. We will never be faceless warehouse shifting boxes. Promised!

As a professional musician of 25 years playing Piano and Guitars - You can be assured we know what we are talking about.

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